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Make your brand stand out. Protect & certify physical items with dynamic NFT assets.

Mint with Product

Sell your physical items equipped with our NFT Link chip, in your own or our store. When customers receive their physical product, the integrated chip can be scanned with a phone to mint the linked NFT for free. Upon minting, the integrated chip updates automatically to display the certifying NFT.

Claim with NFT (coming soon)

Create your NFTs linked to a physical product with our support. Customers can buy the NFTs online, trade them on the secondary markets or use them on our platform to claim the connected physical item for free. Ship the items with your own system or make use of our fulfilment services.

Link View (coming soon)

Link view is our own unique NFT viewer. Three different views allow you to not only receive information about the NFT itself, but also about the linked physical item. Our special view gives verified owners the option to add information, and companies to directly connect with their customers via the NFT.



Basho Coin

A must have for those that have collected the series so far, and for those looking to get their hands on their first, this NFT celebrates the milestones the Cardano development has made over the last 5 years! Byron, Shelley, Goguen and now Basho, this is a collectors piece you will treasure for all time!

cNFT Awards

Together with our partners from nmkr.io we linked and certified the cNFT Award trophies for nine different categories.

Read the full press release here

ClayFella Cardgame

A unique poker card game designed by SweetFellas NFT and The ClayMates. Scanning the physical card game takes you the linked to a stop-motion animation. NFT. Virtual community game nights spice up this this fun interactive experience.

The ClayMates x GoodCharlotte

A collaboration between ClayNation and the rockband GoodCharlotte. High-quality, sustainably produced hoodies with embroidery and custom labels, linked and certified with NFTs. The integrated chip can be scanned with any smartphone to show the linked NFT-L.

ADA Ninjaz

110 pages Manga Comic – linked to a unique NFT as a way to certify authenticity of the collectable. The Comic comes with special NFT Link Paper that has our chip integrated into the pages.


Rusty Robots Snapback

This is our first collaboration on the IOTA Platform. Rusty Robots is a collection of 11,111 NFT art pieces. Together we brought you 100 unique snapback caps made with high quality materials and embroidery in a sleek collectors box.




“The (NFT Link) team is dedicated and extremely down-to-earth. The concept of connecting digital NFTs with physical items was totally original, and they sure are gaining recognition for their innovativeness.”
– The ClayMates 
on altpress.com

As an art and fashion brand, we have always been looking to creatively verify our limited quantities and protect them from counterfeiting. With NFTLINK we have found the perfect partner with this project to use blockchain technology beyond price speculation. NFT’s are the future and NFTLINK’s approach of using them to certify valuable products was just perfect for our project.
– SweetFellas

It was clear from the beginning that we needed a connection to physical objects for our NMKR ecosystem. NFT-Link is exactly the bridge we were looking for. A passionate, highly knowledgeable team that is a pleasure to work with!
– NMKR.io