©NFT Link works together with artists and brands around the world to digitize, certify and share their art on the Cardano blockchain. Every collaboration is unique and oriented towards either making the leap into the digital NFT world or creating a physical link for digital creators, a so called NFT-L.

©NFT Link coined the term NFT-L as a way to differentiate between standard NFT’s and NFT’s that are linked to a physical item – an NFT-L(ink). The reason behind this is to help create a future where art can be enjoyed by everyone and the borders between digital and analog fade away. We also believe in the vast applications of the NFT technology and want to make the first steps into the direction where NFT’s can serve as a certificate for physical ownership.

©NFT Link works in close collaboration with ©SweetFellas, an Art & Clothing brand located in Germany. Here we also have our production and distribution center, pursuing a high standard regarding quality, sustainability and eco-friendliness. 

Work with us
Do you want to reach a global audience and directly connect to the people appreciating your art? We guide artists and gallery spaces in the process of digitizing, certifying, sharing and selling art on the blockchain to a huge community. Every collaboration is unique and oriented towards how you want to approach your entry into the world of digital art. You keep absolute autonomy over your art with our graphical and technical support helping you wherever necessary towards your first NFT Link Edition.