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We work together with brands & companies to digitize, certify and share their projects on the Cardano blockchain. Every collaboration is unique and oriented towards the certification of physical items with NFT assets. We coined the term NFT-L as a way to differentiate between standard NFTs and NFTs that are linked to a physical item – an NFT-L(ink).

We envision a future where the boundaries between digital and analog begin to blur and fade away. With the help of blockchain technology we want to focus on enabling ownership of physical items that find a reflection in the digital NFT space. Certifying rare items and digital property as non-fungible tokens is the logical solution to an ever-growing counterfeit and piracy industry.

Understanding the demand for rare, limited & high-quality clothing, it is our mission to reach new levels by making clothing more than simply something that you wear. NFT certification is only one step by which we want to allow our partners to turn their collections into an interactive experience that cross the boundaries of digital and analog.

At the same time we want to push factors such as sustainability & eco-friendly materials that already find increasing recognition in different industry sectors. We want to build on this positive trend and allow consumers absolute transparency for the whole supply-chain of their products. Simply scanning a consumer product with a smartphone can then not only display the certificate of originality but also proof of the sustainability and quality of materials used.

NFTs can thus not only be used to certify ownership of digital assets but also of physical ones. To create a physical link from the certified object to the digital NFT certificate our NFT Link Chips can be integrated in e.g. a physical document of certification or an identification plate. With our NFT Link Chip a statue or a framed painting can then be scanned with any smartphone to mint and view the digital NFT certificate of ownership. Integrating our chip in physical pieces of art can also enhance the interactive experience by adding another dimension. Viewing the digital NFT upon scanning can for example display the phyiscal piece in an animated or altered way.