Physical card Deck

The ClayFella project connects the emerging NFT space with a classic in physical gaming: the standard deck of 52 playing cards + 2 jokers.

connected to NFTs

ClayFella is both the card deck and a series of related stop-motion animations exclusive to the Cardano blockchain.

Card Deck and NFT

Every ClayFella card deck is linked to an NFT-L; by scanning the physical card deck with your smartphone you will be able to mint your NFT-L, for free. After minting, you can scan your card deck anytime to display your connected NFT-L as a proof of ownership and originality.


Click the cart icon above to buy your physical card deck. Check out in our store paying with ADA (Cardano).


Scan the front of the card deck with your smartphone to mint the connected NFT-L. With a little luck you get a 1/1 special NFT-L.


After you have minted your NFT-L, the link on your card deck changes to then display your new ClayFella NFT-L.

Sale Information

When is the sale?

The sale is now live.

How to mint your NFT-L

For minting information please click here.

Shipping Time

All our products are shipped from our logistics center in Germany. For more information about shipping times, click here.