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See your NFTs in a new light. With our Link View NFT-L Explorer you have not one, but three different angles to engage with your NFT-L and its linked items.

1. NFT-L View

This standard view gives you information about the NFT-L. All data is stored on the blockchain and the metacode displayed is taken straight from it to give you secure and reliable information about the NFTs you are displaying in this view. If you are looking at a piece of art, this could be more information about the artist and the art itself. In case of a certificate, important information for it could be displayed here.

2. Item View

The item view gives you more information about the certified and linked physical item. This could be e.g. dimensions, materials used or more information about the whole supply chain. But also information about its sustainability or carbon footprint could be displayed here. For pieces of art more information about the creation or the artist could be given. Again, these information are stored and taken form the blockchain.

3. Special View

In our special view we open up the doors for more interactive and experimental dimensions. On one side, verified owners of an NFT-L can add more information or media about the NFT-L or the linked item they own. On the other side, companies or projects have a unique option to interact with their customers/followers: They can add special information, coupon codes, special offers or special NFT releases only visible to the verified owner.