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Integrating our pre-programmed chips inside a product allows you to simply scan it with any smartphone to mint the connected NFT. Upon minting the chip automatically updates to display the NFT.

1. Why NFT-Link(ed)

Make your products stand out and give your customers an extra layer of security by protecting your products from fraud and forgery. Items that are certified with dynamic NFTs are much harder to copy and serve as a certificate of originality as well as a proof of ownership. Additonally, it offers your customers a variety of different options to engange with your product and get more information about the products they buy.

2. Complete Products

We offer a wide variety of finished products. That means we not only link and certify items with NFTs but, together with different partners, take care of the whole production procedure. In the past, we linked and produced different clothing items, cardgames, comic books, coins, and other collectible items. All these products already come with our pre-programmed integrated chips that allow the customers to mint and/or display the certifying NFT.

3. Chips Only

If you already have a product that you want to certify, we offer two different types of chips:
1. Heat, water and pressure resistant coins
2. Thin sticker that work on all surfaces

We are happy to guide you in the best choice of chip and how to best integrate them into your product.Depending on your needs these chips can be programmed to first mint and then display the NFT, or directly display the NFT.

4. Dynamic NFT-Ls

A dynamic NFT-L is our way to describe NFTs that are linked to a physical item and are dynamically adjustable according to your needs. With our partners at nmkr.io we help you in the whole process of creating the certifying NFTs. The integrated chips are then programmed in such a way that the customer can mint the linked NFT when scanning them for the first time. After that, the chips update to display the NFT certificate.

5. Cardano Ecosystem

Together with our partners at nmkr.io we offer simple solutions to onboard your customers to Cardano and NFTs. With the NMKR Paper Wallet creating a new Cardano wallet is as easy as clicking a button. Click here for more information and to try it out yourself. With this service creating a wallet and minting the certifying NFT becomes an easy process that can be done with only a few clicks – even without any prior experience.

6. Trading NFTs

When using our Claim with NFT option your customers buy the NFT first. This allows them to use the NFT as an asset and trade them on the secondary market. The NFT can then be used by the original or a second buyer to claim the connected physical product for free on our new platform.

This also has the advantage that only as many physical items need to be produced as NFTs have been sold.