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is a project that aims to provide the NFT community with high-quality digital artworks while contributing to animal welfare. We are breaking the stereotype of releasing a huge collection of generative NFTs when getting started. We make sure our collections are telling stories and incorporating it with our lore is our mission. We are slowly but surely shaping up a brand with a long term vision of building a healthy and organic community. We don’t want to over promise yet we want to exceed what’s expected from us. (This NFT project is based in Cardano Blockchain.)


Simply scan the included NFT-Link-Chip with any NFC compatible Smartphone as shown in the videos.

Option 1: You have already received your NFT(-L).
In this case scanning the chip takes you straight to the connected NFT.

Option 2: You have not received your NFT(-L) yet.
The first time you scan your physical item a minting link opens where you can mint your NFT (see Video). Within one hour after minting the link on the chip changes to then display your own, now connected, NFT-L.