We’re a married pair of New Orleans artists/entrepreneurs – our projects celebrate personal connection, surrealism, self-empowerment, and edutainment ♥ We’ve each had very different lives before meeting one another and we feel lucky to have been able to each help the other on this path. Self-expression and finding connection beneath everyone’s layers of lived experience is really important to us. These crazy times mean that the things that connect us to the rest of humanity and remind us what’s important are even more important.

We really love to create art that makes you think / puts you outside of the normal accepted confines of the material world, or outside of the normal accepted “beliefs” within it. Meaning and purpose – as well as enjoying every moment are very important to us and so we love to create the things we love. Sometimes it’s just because they touch us with their beauty, sometimes because we think they hold a deeper message that someone else will be able to relate to as well.

When we met 5 years ago, we both started down a winding and limitless journey of introspection and purpose. The crazy political situation in 2015-2016 inspired us to want to affect change in the world so we decided to start putting ourselves out there more and trying to help people. The desire to connect and help others do the same has only become stronger with us every day, and we love NFT’s for their promise and ability to do just that.