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This NFT Link certificate links a physical sculpture with its digital NFT-L. Our certificate can be scanned with any smartphone and connects you further to the linked NFT-L. 

Zamarad is composed of Emerald Mineral Specimen Yoke of rough elements incrusted in a biotite, shale and crystal matrix of a sculpture of the head of a horse weighing 60,000 grams.

ADA Ninjaz Manga

This comic book is connected to an ADANinjaz NFT which certifies the originality of the printed comic. The comic comes wrapped in plastic and our integrated NFT Link Chip can be scanned without needing to unpack the comic. 

The ClayMates x GoodCharlotte

750 NFTs linked to a high-quality, sustainably produced hoodie with embroidery and custom labels. The NFT stems from a collaboration of ClayNation and the rockband GoodCharlotte. The hoodie has been designed in close collaboration with our customers. Our NFT Link Chip is integrated in the outer label and can be scanned with any smartphone to show the linked NFT-L.

NFT Link Sticker

These unique and resistant stickers have our NFT Link Chip incorporated into the layers of the material. A special protection layer allows our scannable stickers to work on all surfaces, even on metal surfaces – like your computer. Our round stickers are available in 90mm diameter and can be finished with every NFT of your choice.


A unique poker card game designed by SweetFellas NFT and The ClayMates. Scanning the physical card game takes you the linked to a stop-motion animation. NFT. Virtual community game nights spice up this this fun interactive experience.

House of Sweets

House of Sweets is a series of NFT releases by SweetFellas NFT. In their first chapter release some you had the chance to mint a special NFT-L connected to an interactive picture to hang on your wall. We integrated our special NFT Link chip into the picture itself for the best exerperience.



“The (NFT Link) team is dedicated and extremely down-to-earth. The concept of connecting digital NFTs with physical items was totally original, and they sure are gaining recognition for their innovativeness.”
– The ClayMates 

“We enjoyed working with the NFT Link team. We are impressed by how professional they are which is reflected through their own project. They have been very helpful with the pre- and post sale of the NFTs and aided us throughout the collaboration. We will be happy to work with them again”
– BabyAlienClub

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