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Basho Coin


These are the first 200 out of 1000 coins. A must have for those that have collected the series so far, and for those looking to get their hands on their first, this NFT celebrates the milestones the Cardano development has made over the last 5 years! Byron, Shelley, Goguen and now Basho, this is a collectors piece you will treasure for all time! 

Sold out! The second release is starting soon.

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In stock


This coin contains a chip programmed to claim a special NFT. The coins themselves are unnumbered and will be assigned an NFT randomly.  Once claimed, the chip automatically updates to direct you to the linked NFT – its specific number is then assigned to it forever! 


In the future these NFT-L coins will receive an update so that they can be displayed in our new Link View NFT-L Explorer. This gives you a never seen before interactive experience and more information about the connected physical item.

This first batch is sold with our Mint with Product function. This allows you to purchase the coin first and then mint the connected NFT by scanning the integrated chip.

The second batch of 800 coins will be sold using our Claim with NFT feature. Here you will purchase the NFT first and then claim the connected coin on our platform.