An NFT-L(ink) is a special NFT with a physical link. This link can be a collectible item or even a physical art piece. Linking the physical items with a digital NFT is our safe way to certify originality – protecting you from fraud and forgery. All our products carry an NFT-Link-Chip, which can be scanned with any smartphone, to display the connected NFT.


Simply scan the included NFT-Link-Chip with any NFC compatible Smartphone as shown in the videos.

Option 1: You have already received your NFT(-L).
In this case scanning the chip takes you straight to the connected NFT.

Option 2: You have not received your NFT(-L) yet.
The first time you scan your physical item a minting link opens where you can mint your NFT. Within 24 hours after minting the link on the chip changes to then display your own, now connected, NFT-L.