This special 2″ Matte Nickel coin is more than meets the eye! When digital and physical meet. This coin contains an NFC chip programmed for you to claim your special NFT and have it delivered right to you. The coins themselves are unnumbered and now will be assigned an NFT randomly! Once claimed, the NFC chip will direct you right to the media file of your coin, and that number is assigned to it forever! You’re free to sell, trade and exchange the NFT but the physical coin will forever be attributed to that number!

A must have for those that have collected the series so far, and for those looking to get their hands on their first, this NFT celebrates the milestones the Cardano development has made over the last 5 years! Byron, Shelley, Goguen and now Basho, this is a collectors piece you will treasure for all time! 


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Simply scan the included NFT-Link-Chip with any NFC compatible Smartphone as shown in the videos.

Option 1: You have already received your NFT(-L).
In this case scanning the chip takes you straight to the connected NFT.

Option 2: You have not received your NFT(-L) yet.
The first time you scan your physical item a minting link opens where you can mint your NFT (see Video). Within one hour after minting the link on the chip changes to then display your own, now connected, NFT-L.